Silence, September, & Sharks

Hello Internet, long time no see, eh?

TLDR: I’m not dead.

While most responsible bloggers inform their dwindling flock of readers about long communication blackouts, I have never made the claim to be respectable. In fact being generally paranoid, I decided not to announce that my home would be available for burgling while I went off galivanting about Europe for the month of July, and August was kinda busy… and then suddenly it’s September and I haven’t updated my blog in something like an eternity.

So good news I am back. Better news… Nick Chase will be back starting next week… Even better news… we have sharks now! Ok not really. We have a shark, mostly just a piece of a shark, which I cooked to delicious perfection and am willing to share so that you too can have the same percentage of sharks in your life that I now have in mine. But it is late, and I am tired (something about a long week of training classes for work), so that recipe will also wait for next week where it can be joined by Shark-Bait, a delicious new cocktail that I “invented” for my brother-in-law’s bachelor party.

Yeayyy Sharks