A Fable Woven Wholesale

History and intrigue combine in Wisconsin's strange connection to the final days of the Ancien Régime.

Where is the Pyrrhic Phalanx Gone? — A Review of Legion Versus Phalanx

Legion versus Phalanx ask a simple question. In a straight up fight which would win?

Worlds Unconquered

In which we discover that misquoting Plutarch predates the internet by more than 400 years.

Down the Road to Terrapin Creek

In November of 2010 I got my first job in the professional sector. I invented a fictional reality, complete with a fictional town, to cope with the strangeness of that reality.

What is an APTA/verse, Anyway?

In which I explain the origins of verses, APTAs and otherwise.

The Reality Blog…

Why do I have a blog? I'm not entirely sure.