Book 1 - Chapter 7

Six months after the events of Terrapin Creek, global sanity levels are dropping. Oh yeah, and crime is on the rise.

Book 1 - Chapter 6

The situation in Terrapin Creek comes to a head as Telmar decides to take things into his own hands, and Nick realizes that he might have made a terrible mistake.

Book 1 - Chapter 4

After escaping Chicago, Telmar and Chase begin their investigation of the Black Hand at El Rey Industries. Rule number one of surveillance: Don’t ever use binoculars.

Book 1 - Chapter 5

Nick Chase always follows his rules. Rule number one of being a private eye: when someone tries to kill you, it’s bad business to let them get away with it; it encourages others to keep trying.

Book 1 - Chapter 3

Nick is targeted by sinister forces. Is it the Black Hand? Is it his own past back to haunt him? He isn't sure. He just wants to avoid becoming another blight on Chicago’s violent crime statistics.